Different roles in regards to the structure of sustainability management:

Roles of Executive Committee

  1. Determine the policy and direction of sustainable development in coherence with the Company’s policies
  2. Provide support for sustainable development work processes by attending meetings to reinforce work policies, monitoring, and ensuring the work progress is aligned with the timeline.
  3. Evaluate the process of sustainable development and its outcome, in order to provide suitable recommendations and present to Board of Directors.
  4. Give approval to the sustainability report, in order to disclose to the public.
  5. Appoint members of sustainable development committee with appropriateness.

Roles of Sustainable Development Committee

  1. Determine the policy and planning for suitable sustainable development, in coherence with the Company’s policies.
  2. Control, supervise, and revise work processes for sustainable development, together with impelling for actions and engagement within the projects under the scope of sustainable development, in collaboration with related internal and external parties.
  3. Build sustainable organizational culture, and communicate to the Directors, Executives, all levels of employees, partners, and related personnel, in light of creating awareness of the topic.
  4. Inform the progress of sustainable development and management, and create reports for the Board of Directors to review.