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Characteristics of the Customers and Target Customers

The Company’s customer groups are manufacturers in various industries which need chemicals and equipment to use in their production process. Main customer groups of the Company are the manufacturers in infrastructure industries of the country, i.e. gas separation plant, oil refinery, petrochemicals and etc. Products sold by the Company can be used variedly, depending on application requirements of the customers. Target customers can be divided by products characteristics into 6 groups as follows:

Product Groups Target Customers
Product in Energy Business Group#1 (Offshore, Refinery and Upstream Petrochemicals) Drilling and production unit of natural gas and petroleum products both onshore and offshore, gas separation plant, petrochemical plants, ethylene plant, aromatics plant and contractors of oil refinery and petrochemicals plants.
Product in Energy Business Group#2 (Liquid Chemicals, Power & Utilities) Oil refinery, petrochemical plant, plastic pallet plant, aromatics plant, olefins plants, power plant and tap water production plant.
Product in Industrial Business Group #1 (Chemical and Solvent Products) Intermediate chemicals plant which produce chemicals for continuous industries, such as production plant for shampoo, fabric softener, detergent; paint, cement and printing ink industry and etc.
Product in Industrial Business Group #2 (Base oil and Additives) Lubricant mixing plant and biodiesel production plant.
Product in Industrial Business Group #3 (Emission & Waste Management) All kinds of industrial plants.
Provision of consultancy and coordination services for design of manufacturing process. Groups of refineries & petrochemical plant, alternative energy & renewable energy