Assoc.Prof.Dr.Paiboon Sareewiwatthana
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Chatchaphol Prasopchoke
President & Chief Executive Officer
25 Years of UAC to Keep Moving Forward to Sustainability
25 Years of UAC to Keep Moving Forward to Sustainability

As coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic impacted to all business sectors and caused overall economic conditions in downward direction with high fluctuation and uncertainty, UAC Group prepared readiness as well as adjusted strategies and working methods to conform to the arisen situations, for instance, implementation of Work from Anywhere practice from time to time and digital technology to support operations for easily accessible to information and for seamless works, to increase flexibility and efficiency on communications among the employees within the organization and the relevant parties outside the organization. Regarding safety and health of the employees, the Company encouraged all employees in all areas to receive 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines and procured a third dose to boost their immunity. The Company also arranged additional health insurance policy in case any employee has been infected by COVID-19, and antigen rapid test kits have been provided to the employees for testing before performing the work.

For performance in 2021, UAC Group could maintain liquidity in high level. Revenues recognized from business operations increased by 197.04 million Baht, or 15.52 %, compared with the previous year. Operating expenses have been controlled with cautiousness and were made as per urgency and necessity only, by putting emphasis on operation excellence, thus UAC could recognize net profit and EBITDA at 234.37 million Baht and 409.62 million Baht, respectively, or an increase by 9.52% and 7.36 %, compared with the previous year. In addition, the Board of Directors meeting No. 7/2021 held on December 17, 2021, passed a resolution to approve the interim dividend payment for the operating results of the first 9 months of the year at 0.08 Baht per share, totaling 53.41 million Baht.

Business operations of UAC Group emphasized on building and development of organization for continual and sustainable growth, by taking into consideration the best interests of all shareholders and stakeholders, the transparent and fair business operations under the corporate governance and anti-corruption principles. Employees are encouraged to learn to improve their advancement and dedication to the works. In 2021, we were very proud that the Company has been selected in the “Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI)” list from the Stock Exchange of Thailand continually for the 6th consecutive years and has been recognized as ‘Excellence’ level from assessment under 2021 Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) for the 4th consecutive years, as well as has received an honorable award of Sustainability Disclosure Recognition 2021 from the Thaipat Institute.

UAC is still committed to maintain financial stability and liquidity in adequate level for carrying out businesses in the future amidst the high fluctuation of economic conditions, by focusing on main businesses, i.e., trading business, energy business and chemical products business, and formulating the strategies to conform to mission and vision. The Company also seeks for opportunities to undertake businesses with prosperous tendency in the future, by building teams of young generations to conduct feasibility study of new projects or businesses to respond to the growth tendency of the global economic in the future, including the opportunities to invest in circular economy and green chemical to build on the present businesses. UAC Group places importance on personnel development continually to increase their potential and efficiency of the works and to keep them ready for “moving forward with sustainability” with the organization.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our gratitude to all shareholders and stakeholders, including the management and the employees of UAC Group for continual support and confidence. Please rest assured that UAC Group will operate business by adhering to good corporate principles and by considering all groups of stakeholders to keep UAC Group growing with sustainability.