We, as UAC employees, believe in working in an ethical way. Our core belief is to thrive in alignment to the Company’s Code of Conduct and Core Values, building a strong corporate culture and working responsibly and professionally towards authenticity, vision, mission, and satisfaction of stakeholders. In upholding as a Happy Organization, we fulfill each other and grow together as a whole. Our employees are given carefully selected choices of welfares and benefits which suit the work environment, providing great quality of work life.

Core Value

Workplace Happiness


To successfully stay on the road to success, UAC realizes that the most valuable asset is our employees. Therefore, we carefully build our people and are determined in serving individual growth as well as fostering teamwork, in order to open new doors of opportunity, receive acceptance, spark innovation, and withstand changes.

OUR Team

Our goal is to build corporate stability as well as sustainability in the renewable and alternative energy industry, giving consistent and long-term returns to the society and community, being responsible to the world and its environment, and engaging with all stakeholders. In order to be the leader for clean energy and green chemicals, we embed into our work processes the determination, authenticity, and professionalism. At UAC, we aim to continuously grow and develop mindfully, with help and support from the company.

8 welfares and benefits to build a happier organization

Happy – Body

  • Health insurance
  • Activities to encourage stronger health and body
  • Annual health check-up

Happy – Money

  • Annual performance-based bonus
  • Work span prize
  • Provident fund
  • Loan with special interest rates

Happy – Heart

  • Employee visits (child delivery/IPD patient)
  • Help with firefighting

Happy – Relax

  • 10 days of annual holidays
  • Annual company outing
  • New year celebration
  • Team-building activity

Happy – Society

  • Building responsible culture with CSR activities
  • Volunteering activities

Happy – Brain

  • Core values and corporate culture training program
  • Functional Training Program
  • Managerial Training Program
  • Talent Program

Happy – Family

  • Personal activities subsidy (Ordination, child delivery, funeral of relatives)
  • Education support for employee’s child/children

Happy – Soul

  • Merit-making and donations
  • Ethics and esteem-building activity

Work with us

Providing resume and interesting position on application form
Job available
There is a recruiting process and initial informing to the applicants.