UAC engaged in business of import and distribution of chemicals and equipment used in various industries, i.e. off- shore natural gas exploration and production, gas separation plant, oil refinery, upstream petrochemicals, engine oil lubricant manufacturing plant, polymer and plastic manufacturing plant, chemical industrial plant, power and utilities plant.

Later, the company has expanded its business by investing in the projects related to renewable and alternative energy, for instance the production of compressed bio-methane gas (CBG) and the biodiesel plant through the associated company (Bangchak Biofuel Co.,Ltd.) which is joint venture with The Bangchak Petreleum Public Company Limited (BCP) including the petroleum product plant project in Sukhothai province, the biogas power plant by using energy crops (Napier gas) as fuel including the study on the project development to invest in utilities business concerning tap water system of the subsidiary company. For more than 20 years of experiences, the company’s business expanded continually by focusing on projects related to renewable and alternatively energy.

Products and Services

The products and services supplied by the company can be classified into 4 groups according to nature of business and services of the customers as follows:

  1. Products in Energy and Petroleum group, such as:
    • Off-shore natural gas production, refineries and upstream petrochemicals group
    • Liquid chemicals, refinery and petrochemicals
    • Power & utilities
    • Emission & waste management
  2. Products in Industrial Group, such as :
    • Chemicals and solvent products
    • Base oil and additives
  3. Other products, i.e. crude glycerin and other export products.
  4. Provision of services such as consultancy and coordination services for design of manufacturing process, refineries, petrochemical refineries plant and other industries, including services on turnkey construction and installation for all type of industrial plants.

Warehouse and transportation of products to customers

The company has 2 warehouses with details as follows:

  1. Rental warehouse located at No.999 Moo 4 , Soi Thetsaban Bang Pu 99 (Sorm Mit), Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo Sub-district, Muang Samutphrakan district, Samutphrakan province. It is a warehouse building with utilization areas of 2,200 square meters on areas of 2 rais to store stocks of products and chemicals. Packages of chemicals stored in the company have various sizes and all of them have Certificate of Acceptance (COA) from the manufacturers and are pending for delivery to the customers.
  2. Rental warehouse located at no. 613/13, Songkhla-Chana Road, Moo 2, Pawong Sub-district, Muang District, Songkhla province. It comprises of 1 warehouse building with approximately 300 square meters to store chemical stock for customers in off-shore exploration group and natural gas production business group in the Gulf of Thailand.

Investment in renewable energy industry

  1. Compressed Bio-methane Gas (CBG)

    The company’s CBG plant is located in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai province covering an area of 10 rais 5 ngan. The plant has been operated since August 2013. The production capacity is approximately 6 tons per day or approximately 2,160 tons per year.

  2. Petroleum Production Plant (PPP)

    The Petroleum Production Plant (PPP) is located in Tumbol Kokrat, Kongkrailat district, Sukhothai province. The production process uses residue gas which is by-product from oil drilling from Burapa-A production platform of Siam Moeko Co.,Ltd that obtains the petroleum concession in Burapa source from the Ministry of Energy transform into various petroleum products which can be used as fuels. The plant has a combined designed production capacity of approximately 19,681 tons per year, comprising CNG for 12,036 tons per year, LPG for 6,300 tons per year and NGL for 1,345 tons per year. The commissioning test has been commenced since January 2013 and selling of LPG and NGL has been started since May 2014, while CNG has been started since November 2014.

Generation and distribution of electricity

UAC Energy Company Limited and Solar Energy Roof Power Company Limited (subsidiary companies) have invested in 4 Solar PV Rooftop projects with Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority. All of 4 projects have commenced commercial operation with total generating capacity of 2 MW and have recognized revenue since the 3rd of quarter of 2014.

On December 16, 2016, UAC Energy Company Limited has sold 2 of its Solar PV Rooftop projects, installed at Bangkok Dec-con Public Company Limited, which has total generating capacity of 300 kW to Bangkok Dec-con Public Company Limited.

Electricity generation from biogas by using energy crops (Napier grass)

The company has invested in 1 Biogas Power Plant, 1.5 MW, which uses energy crops (Napier grass) as main raw material in Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai Province This plant has commenced its commercial operation on December 2015 and sold electricity to Provincial Electricity Authority at Feed in Tariff rate (FIT) which was specified by government. In addition, UAC&TPT Energy Company Limited (subsidiary company) has also invested in 2 under development projects in Phuphaman District, Khon Kaen Province with generating capacity of 1.5 MW each project.