Business Goals

We focus on our customers a number one priority by being the business goals as followings.

  1. Providing the high quality and standard of products as specified by the customers by having a process of acquiring and sorting to get the products with high quality, standard, and Certificate of Acceptance (COA) including all product details to deliver them continuously according to customer requirements.

  2. Increasing customer satisfaction on the product delivered, and the process that support after delivery services including delivery of the products on time and customer requirements.

  3. Improving working process continuously by focusing on the involvement of employees, execute the corporation in ethic and fairly, and support employee’s development on learning process and creativity that will affect the selection and presentation of quality product to the customers.

  4. Increasing revenues and high quality products in the key customers group of the company that are Energy Industry group, Petrochemicals, Lubricants, and Utilities.

  5. Expanding investments in renewable energy and utilities continuously in order to increase business sustainability.

  6. Emphasizing on safety of employees and related persons by providing stringent security system to prevent accidents from injury or loss.

  7. Preventing and resisting all corruptions from business operation by encouraging directors, executives and employees to aware of good corporate governance principles and stimulating the practices regularly.