UAC Global Public Company Limited changed its name from “Universal Adsorbents & Chemicals Public Company Limited ” on April 18, 2014.The company engages in business of import and distribution of chemicals and equipment used in various industries, i.e. off-shore natural gas exploration and production, oil refinery and upstream petrochemicals, engine oil lubricant manufacturing plants, polymer and plastic manufacturing plant, chemical industrial plant, power plant and utilities system and investment on the renewable projects.

Company Profile

Company Name: UAC Global Public Company Limited
Established: June 28, 1995
Number of Employees: 117 persons as at August 13, 2015
Registered Capital: 373,173,701 Baht
Business Activities: UAC is a Thailand leading trading company supplying wide range of chemicals, catalysts, base oil , and equipment to country’s fast growing petrochemical, oil & gas, refineries, and power plants. As an extension of business lines, UAC is diversifying into investment in renewable energy and utilities supplies.