Universal Adsorbents & Chemicals Public Company Limited (UAC) was established by Mr. Kitti Jivacate to supply various kind of chemicals, base oils and equipment to serve higher demand in petrochemicals, oil & gas, refineries, polymer, plastic, chemicals and power plants with our major activities: stock sales, sales, importing, warehousing & delivery and indent sales. Due to the capability of the company and strong background, UAC always provides high quality professional work, products and services.

Company Profile

Company Name: UAC Global Public Company Limited
Established: June 28, 1995
Number of Employees: 114 persons as at May 6, 2015
Registered Capital: 373,173,701 Baht
Business Activities: UAC is a Thailand leading trading company supplying wide range of chemicals, catalysts, base oil , and equipment to country’s fast growing petrochemical, oil & gas, refineries, and power plants. As an extension of business lines, UAC is diversifying into investment in renewable energy and utilities supplies.